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Using Convolutional Neural Networks to Understand Video

Picture3For a number of years now, there has been a steadily increasing emphasis in technological innovation of using patterns common in human biology and translating them into algorithms and networks – broadly defined by deep learning, a rapidly developing field of machine learning.  A particular approach in deep learning has to do with Convolutional Neural Network (or CNN) – a type of advanced neural network. Image courtesy of CNN differs from regular neural networks by the flow or neurons. These large-scale networks roughly mimic neural connections in the human brain, meaning that they can adapt to differing data, learn from it and change with time. Through the use of layers in the algorithm, the network adjusts itself so that the more 'experience' it has - the more precise the results are. Image courtesy of Deep learning, and CNN ...
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Effective Implementation of Video Emailing with Webyclip’s InMail Video Player

The world of video marketing continues to grow; and, frankly, it is because video works. A favorite type of media with millennials, video is becoming an absolute necessity for companies looking to appeal to this up-and-coming generation of digital consumers. Including videos in an email increases the potential to drive and compel conversions with the customer and accelerate the user’s journey. However, for a long time a possibility of embedding video directly in an email had a limited support, mainly because of deliverability and relevance issues.  We at Webyclip have perfected the art of embedding HD videos in emails with our InMail HD Video Player, and here is how: Seamless Deliverability InMail HD Video Player delivers an engaging animated video clip accessible in any email client and compatible with viewing on mobile devices. A simple click through brings the customer to ...
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Product video benefits for eCommerce

viewing product videosWe know product videos are key to increase engagement and conversion for eCommerce here are the four main benefits we see across all our customers: Product videos captivates customers and keeps them on your website One study showed that over 60% of millennials would prefer to watch a video from a company than read a newsletter advertising their newest products or changes. How does this translate to your website?  Online shoppers who watch product videos will remain an additional 120 seconds on the site compared to ones who don’t. Shops with good video content are becoming the destination to discover and research rather then just a transactional site. Good quality content will ensure online shoppers will come back to your site for additional purchases. 2. Video is very well perceived by Google SEO  Research has shown that Google favors  and prioritizes ...
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WebyClip Expands Visual Marketing Suite; Rebrands and Unveils New Website

The Science of Visual MarketingWebyClip, a leading provider of enterprise-grade, scalable video curation solution for online retail, today has made a few forward-looking announcements: expansion of its solutions’ portfolio and re-branding, including the official launch of its corporate website. Since 2013, WebyClip has been helping e-commerce marketers to automatically source the most relevant product videos from across the Internet, bolstering conversion rates and enhancing customer satisfaction. In a move to elevate the core attributes of the WebyClip brand and grow its leadership on the marketplace, the company has expanded its products offering, harnessing the latest breakthroughs in deep learning, in order to help make Visual Marketing seamless. The new revamped highlights the broadened array of solutions for visual marketing driven by Artificial Intelligence. Those include Visual Search, Dynamic Video Ads, Shoppable Videos and InMail HD Videos - along with upgrades of Webyclip’s Video ...
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