Using Convolutional Neural Networks to Understand Video

For a number of years now, there has been a steadily increasing emphasis in technological innovation of using patterns common in human biology and translating them into algorithms and networks – broadly defined by deep learning, a rapidly developing field of machine learning.  A particular approach in deep learning has to do with Convolutional Neural Network (or CNN) – a type of advanced neural network.

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CNN differs from regular neural networks by the flow or neurons. These large-scale networks roughly mimic neural connections in the human brain, meaning that they can adapt to differing data, learn from it and change with time. Through the use of layers in the algorithm, the network adjusts itself so that the more ‘experience’ it has - the more precise the results are.

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Deep learning, and CNN in particular, is commonly linked with innovations in the fields of voice and image recognition, as well as of object perception.

 “Understanding” a video

Webyclip offerings are empowered by its core technology solution that uses CNN to ‘understand’ video and perceive objects pictured in it. It quickly analyses video clip and recognizes thousand of concepts, translating them into products, scenes and people.

The application of deep learning for visual marketing is rapidly transforming video commerce, delivering an acutely immersive shopping experience. Webyclip’s Spot & Shop [include link] solution is currently using CNN technology in ‘shoppable’ videos, allowing customers to purchase products they spot in a video, in real time, by clicking links whilst watching.


Solving the “Skip Video” problem for video ads

In a similar sense, Webyclip uses CNN technology for a pre-roll and in-stream advertising, providing enhanced ad relevance. By automatically identifying products and concepts that are going to be shown in the video, our solution is capable of automatically matching an ad to particular moments and context of a video clip. An accurately matched content of an ad, seamlessly placed inside viewer’s context, represents a strong likelihood of striking a chord with the viewer, striking a chord with their wallet.

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Effective Implementation of Video Emailing with Webyclip’s InMail Video Player

The world of video marketing continues to grow; and, frankly, it is because video works.

A favorite type of media with millennials, video is becoming an absolute necessity for companies looking to appeal to this up-and-coming generation of digital consumers.

Including videos in an email increases the potential to drive and compel conversions with the customer and accelerate the user’s journey.

However, for a long time a possibility of embedding video directly in an email had a limited support, mainly because of deliverability and relevance issues. 

We at Webyclip have perfected the art of embedding HD videos in emails with our InMail HD Video Player, and here is how:

Seamless Deliverability

InMail HD Video Player delivers an engaging animated video clip accessible in any email client and compatible with viewing on mobile devices. A simple click through brings the customer to a landing page or product section, where they can find relevant, useful information.

Within an email, the clip appears looking like a typical video player, automatically playing in a sequence when the email is open.



Relevance and Boosted engagement

At the core of the solution there is an AI-driven curation engine, determining the relevance and the engagement potential of the scenes included in a video.  Such curation is driven by the deep learning-based prediction discovering which parts of the video convert the best, and can deliver the highest CTR.

Any type of content

Companies have an option to create their custom videos or tap into the potential of viral, user-generated media with the help of Webyclip’s AI-driven Video Curator, making it ideal to fetch the most relevant videos from across the Internet.

Effectively executed, InMail video marketing has the power to drive success for the following use cases:

Reducing returns of products by adding User Guides and Installation Videos

 Consumer electronics sales experience staggering percentage of product returns, and the problem continues to grow. A number of factors contribute to this - increasing features and functionalities as well as insufficient information about how to properly access the functions.  Webyclip’s InMail Video Player delivers personalized video guidance directly to consumers’ inboxes, to help them start using the product they’ve purchased. Combined with the interactive tutorial video, email becomes a powerful way to compensate for the information gap though the process of unraveling a product in a more visual way.


Promoting, Up-selling and Cross-selling

Vidio is an excellent way to explain products and experiences to customers - simply and visually. When you need to introduce your audience to a new service, videos are the best at communicating complex subjects so they are easy to understand.

Delivering cross- and up-sell visual campaign through emails can speed up engagement and further buys. Furthermore, videos can go viral quickly, leading to more sharing on social media and spreading out of the campaign, boosting the value of your brand.





Product video benefits for eCommerce

We know product videos are key to increase engagement and conversion for eCommerce here are the four main benefits we see across all our customers:

  1. Product videos captivates customers and keeps them on your website

    One study showed that over 60% of millennials would prefer to watch a video from a company than read a newsletter advertising their newest products or changes.

    How does this translate to your website?  Online shoppers who watch product videos will remain an additional 120 seconds on the site compared to ones who don’t.

    Shops with good video content are becoming the destination to discover and research rather then just a transactional site. Good quality content will ensure online shoppers will come back to your site for additional purchases.

    2. Video is very well perceived by Google SEO 

    Research has shown that Google favors  and prioritizes sites with video, according to Buffer “Pages with video content see and increase of 157% in organic traffic from search engines”

    What does this mean? Having product videos embedded on your product pages is a no brainer, and your video strategy can be a powerful force that pulls extra traffic to your website.

    3. Explaining functions with Product videos is a no brainier

    Video conveys an incredible amount of information very quickly, furthermore Millennials are used to watching videos and not reading text. Hence the best way to explain your product features is via video.Here are some amazing stats:

    • 73% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product after watching videos that explain how it works.
    • 44% say they would purchase more products from an eCommerce website that features product videos.
    • 57% per online shoppers say that product videos reduce ambiguity
    • Videos reduce returns by as much as 30%, when shoppers watch a video they have a better idea of what they are buying.

    4. Product page videos improve conversion rate

    Video is known to help drive online shoppers down the funnel and convert more, its rather simple, if they are more educated about the product, they understand its features, and they trust the site they are on they will convert more. We have seen higher conversion of between 5%-25% of increased conversion by video watchers compared to non video watchers.

    If a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words….. then product videos in scale are worth…..

WebyClip Expands Visual Marketing Suite; Rebrands and Unveils New Website

WebyClip, a leading provider of enterprise-grade, scalable video curation solution for online retail, today has made a few forward-looking announcements: expansion of its solutions’ portfolio and re-branding, including the official launch of its corporate website.

Since 2013, WebyClip has been helping e-commerce marketers to automatically source the most relevant product videos from across the Internet, bolstering conversion rates and enhancing customer satisfaction. In a move to elevate the core attributes of the WebyClip brand and grow its leadership on the marketplace, the company has expanded its products offering, harnessing the latest breakthroughs in deep learning, in order to help make Visual Marketing seamless.

The new revamped highlights the broadened array of solutions for visual marketing driven by Artificial Intelligence. Those include Visual Search, Dynamic Video Ads, Shoppable Videos and InMail HD Videos - along with upgrades of Webyclip’s Video Curator product.

  • Snap&Shop Visual Search engine turns searching for products into a one-click process. The solution automatically and accurately interprets products captured by a mobile camera or uploaded from the Internet, determines their characteristics and finds a matching product in a retailer’s catalog.
  • Spot&Shop solution, powered by Visual Intelligence Platform, makes the exploratory videos shoppable, empowering marketers to deliver real-time immersive shopping experiences inside the videos and allowing users to interact with featured products through moving images.
  • Dynamic video ads on Facebook. WebyClip’s Platform is integrated with Facebook DPA engine to enable the automatic creation of thousands of video ads based on a retailer’s product feed – a massive potential for efficient retargeting and promotion of multiple products.
  • InMail HD Videos solution seamlessly adds an engaging short video clip into any email, regardless of the format, with an interactive link to bring prospects to a webpage where they can find any kind of useful information.
    The solution is particularly effective for the optimization of product returns, by compensating on the information gap in understanding the value or the ways of use of a product.

“Our experience working with the largest e-commerce retailers and learning about their pain drove us to expand our visual marketing product offering. We are excited about the opportunities the newly released solutions open for us - within our existing customer base and with new customers, alike.“, said Ariel Shemesh, WebyClip Co-Founder and CEO.

Webyclip follows the technological evolution by introducing the advanced deep learning capabilities such as Convolutional neural networks (CNN) to its Visual Intelligence Platform –to provide a complete and more effective visual marketing offering for marketers. The expanded array of Webyclip’s solutions is fully integrated with its Platform, representing a powerful suite of solutions designed to help brands and retailers to deliver high-performance, media-driven modern shopping experience, boost up- and cross-selling of goods and solidify user engagement.