WebyClip Puts your video’s on a massive Ecommerce Network


WebyClip has the perfect monetization strategy for your content,

and you can start using it today without hurting your standing with other platforms like YouTube.


WebyClip’s Creators Network?


What is it

WebyClip has a huge network of eCommerce partners like eBay, Best Buy and Tokopedia that want to sell more. Everyone knows that video content always helps sell, by keeping viewers interested. Based on your content, we place your videos on relevant Online Stores Pages, helping them increase engagement and conversion

License your content (non-exclusively) to WebyClip and we will distribute & monetize your video views better than any other platform by placing it in the most relevant pages, running relevant pre-rolling ads and more.

WebyClip has relationships with a Wide Variety of Brands that are on the lookout for new ways to promote themselves. We will match you with potential sponsors based on your content. You will receive a Sponsorship Fee for showing the Sponsorship Banner on your videos.



Your Benefits

Distribution, Engagement, Monitization & Brand Sponsorship


Your Exposure

WebyClip will create a set of landing pages to showcase your videos. Your viewers will get easy access to all the content they like, and you will have a shareable destination to post on social networks.

WebyClip will optimally monetize these pages by placing relevant ads and more, and you will earn your share of the revenues. And all that will add up on the basic revenue gained from the video embedding source.

You’ll never see Monetization made This Easy!