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Turning viewers into buyers with Shoppable Videos

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Where Marketing And Sales Come Together

Imagine watching a travel video or a music clip and being able to instantly purchase a product or experience from a pair of boots to a spa treatment. Spot&ShopTM brings retailers the advent of shoppable videos, delivering real-time immersive shopping experiences inside the videos and allowing users to interact with featured products through moving images.


Transforming Purchasing Experience

Videos are ultimately the best way for a retailer to showcase their product and message, allowing consumers to explore items in detail, seeing the motion, texture and, often, a personal review. It is a fact that consumers are 73% likely to purchase a product after watching the video. Spot&ShopTM takes conversion to the next level by making these experiences shoppable.

Powered by Visual Intelligence Platform, the solution helps marketers to deliver touchable video that lets customers get direct links to the featured products, while telling a story. Putting sales at your customer.

spot_shop-products-in-action-photo-80Products In Action

Spot&ShopTM conveniently embeds products inside an authentic story. The solution enables to identify the item elements in a video and provides direct links and pricing information about products, fostering user’s interest on their path-to-purchase. Additional possibilities include incorporating the “add to cart” or “buy now” buttons into the experience, directly through the video.

Video examples can include product showcases, tutorials, social video reviews or even runway shows – content that creates a visually engaging memorable “moment”, adds depth, enhances the visual senses and creates the motivation to buy.

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