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VideoCurator makes it easier for merchants, airlines and brands to source highly relevant product videos, created by fans, to inspire purchases and drive sales. Powered by neural networks and deep learning technologies, our VideoCurator surfaces hundreds of thousands of reviews, demos, tutorials, unboxing and impressions videos about products, destinations and brands — in streamlined fashion and at scale.

Most shoppers would make a purchase after watching a product or destination video.


Video marketing is growing as brands and retailers want to be more natural and authentic to their digital customers, putting human perception in the heart of the online shopping experiences with product videos. Genuine user-generated content multiplies such influence a great deal, helping users to understand a product through a captivating advocacy – delivering a sense of trustworthiness and driving better engagements. However, a careful curation of the most relevant video content is a resource-consuming and difficult task…
VideoCurator  sources and curates the most relevant product videos from all across the internet and social media using the world’s best deep learning and object recognition technologies.


The engine taps into a wide spectrum of websites and social media networks, including YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Instagram and Vine, to surface the most relevant branded and non-branded video clips.


Prompted by the recent breakthroughs in convolutional neural networks (CNN) and matching algorithms, relevant videos are sourced and presented to consumer on their path to purchase.


Videos are seamlessly displayed where they matter the most – adding an extra dimension of information on home page, engaging visitors in pop-up widgets and creating a more intimate connection with a product on a product page.


The process is accompanied by an ongoing monitoring that feeds the deep learning engine and highlights positive and negative performance attributes

VideoCurator has a power to significantly contribute to a retailer’s SEO campaigns, building inbound links, embeds and social shares. The API is offered as a service - with a direct access through a self-service interface, enabling retailers to customize their visual marketing.

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