Videotize Your Shop

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What is WebyClip?

WebyClip is an awesome, user-centric video tool made to entertain and guide people to discover their favorite products as they shop. The tool intuitively embeds highly-acclaimed, user-generated videos at key points of interest, helping to make shopping fun and risk-free, while increasing engagement and providing a greater incentives to buy.

Why should I use WebyClip?

People crave instant interaction, action, and information but they prefer not to do anything to get all that juicy fun. For this reason, onsite videos are on the rise everywhere we look. WebyClip takes the value of videos even further by finding the best videos for each product and embedding them into your site when your customers need them most, AUTOMATICALLY! Instead of missing the chance to view products in person, people are able to actually experience the product in action in a manner that is both entertaining and informative.

WebyClip’s algorithm has digital “psychic” abilities as it’s able to determine the most popular videos for your product category, ensuring people actually receive the best information out there. This way, not only are they driven to purchase, but they also have greater confidence in their buying decision.

How does WebyClip work?

From the moment potential customers arrives at your online store, they will be shown targeted-videos. The videos will be displayed on your home page, on category pages and on product pages.

The targeted-videos are selected based on keywords or the name of your products, using analysis and algorithms that identify the relationship between a video’s content and the product or category of products that you sell. WebyClip finds videos with content using the same keywords and displays the videos to users directly on your webpages. The algorithm is able to select videos with high conversion rates and tailor the videos to the individual habits of the customer. When you add videos to the customer journey, you empower your potential customer to make the right purchasing decision.

Does WebyClip work for millennials?

Since Generation Y has a special appreciation for anything fast-paced, interactive, and shareable, Millennials tend to be some of the biggest fans of WebyClip’s .

Does WebyClip work on mobile devices?

Fo sho! WebyClip is ready for action on mobile, tablet, Mac, and PC.

Is my data secure?

Heck Yeah! We never use any information that hasn’t been given to us either by you or your customer’s browser. To ensure further security, we use Rackspace’s cloud-based hosting platform, so there’s always a responsible extra set of eyes keeping your data safe.

How do I get the WebyClip smart widget?

So now that you want one of these babies for yourself, simply fill in our contact form and we’ll holla back at ya ASAP with registration information. Soon enough, we’ll get you started with fantastic video integrations to match the products on your site. Best of all, since we offer a money-back guarantee, there is literally no risk involved (even though taking risks are pretty awesome, we are serious about making you more money!)